Even today – exactly one year later – the impressions of this journey through the desert still linger in me: the varied landscape, the different moods from morning to evening, the star-studded night sky, the whisper of the wind, the sound of the trickling sand when the storm was raging, the double rainbow after a thunderstorm, the croaking of the frogs, the blue of the mountain lake, the variety of plants, the many tracks of beetles and other animals, the rocking on the back of my dromedary, the warmth of its body, the crunching of its hooves to the rhythm of our steps – and always the deep and yet so lively silence that surrounded us for ten short days. I feel richly blessed and am still filled with all this, as if I had only just been there.

Of course, our two companions Malaga and Bäsis (I’m sure that’s not how you spell it), who really spoiled us, also contributed to this. Although Bäsis hardly speaks any French, we understood each other perfectly. The original songs he sang along the way will remain unforgettable. I was lucky enough to be traveling in a small group. Apart from me, there were two other people I hadn’t met before, but we got on very well straight away.

Many thanks also to Marianne and Hamid for their uncomplicated hospitality and helpfulness. I very much hope to be able to visit you again.

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