Familie Wagner

As a family (two adults, two boys aged 7 and 10), we had an unforgettable time in the desert! Our fears that the children would get bored were not confirmed at all, on the contrary: there was so much to see and discover every day, and we never got tired either, as we could sit on the comfortable camel saddles whenever we wanted and the desert looks even more fascinating from such a high altitude than on foot!

The nights with the beautiful starry sky were also indescribably impressive for our boys: we saw shooting stars again and again and literally lay under the canopy in our cozy sleeping bags – an experience we will never forget! Caravane Chaima also spoiled us with culinary delights: the children were amazed that there were chips with skewers in the middle of the desert, and of course fresh salad and delicious Moroccan cothé every day!

Dear Caravan Chaima: it was a fantastic vacation and we will be back soon! And we can warmly recommend this desert tour to all families: experience nature in its purest form far away from Gameboy, TV, computer and the like – you won’t find that again so quickly in any vacation club! – Not to mention the wondrous encounter with the friendly camels.

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