Caravane Chaima

Caravane Chaima has now been in existence for 28 years and is run by Hamid Bouhaddou, a Moroccan Berber, and his wife, the Swiss Marianne Walti. The two live half here and half there, are at home in both countries and would not want to miss either of them.

Hamid Bouhaddou und Marianne Walti

«Switzerland is very regimented, which makes it difficult for me on the one hand and at the same time gives me an incentive to bring more structure and organization to my treks in Morocco. I think a mix of both countries is very good. I need both. »

Hamid Bouhaddou

«Morocco shows me again and again that many things are easier if you let life flow and don’t plan and cement too much in advance. – Always live there? No, I’m far too rooted in Switzerland for that.»

Marianne Walti


Hamid Bouhaddou

Manager camel trekking

Basil Wagner

Manager administration


Manager camel guides

Hicham Bouhaddou

Deputy manager camel trekking

Marianne Walti

Deputy manager administration

Hussein Amediaze

Manager berber guides

Our dromedaries

We own a total of 15 dromedaries. They spend the whole year in the desert, where they can move freely and are ready for trekking at any time.

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