Noemi Savoldelli

Dear Tanja, dear Hamid, dear Marianne

My trip has now come to an end and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for this fulfilling week. It was super organized and fun from A to Z, starting with Sufian in Marrakech. It was great how my veg-no-onion wishes were catered for and I was allowed to borrow the warm burnus and an extra sleeping bag!

I’m still excited about the camel guides, the sand bread, the weather and the dunes. I also miss my snotty camel a little, because curly-headed Aman never grumbled like some others, not even when I was blowing his nose, and he even let me cuddle him – he was very polite! Tanja, you were très confident and patient with us, thank you very much!

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